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We are a very small family owned and operated company based in Colorado. We are makers of high quality wind spinners. We call our wind spinners Suntwirlers. We have been making Suntwirlers since 2001.


Suntwirlers are garden and patio art. They spin in the wind and reflect the sun in an amazing way that produces a radiating effect of color and shape.


All of our designs are our own hand drawn works. We cut each design from 16 gauge steel. This makes a nice heavy duty piece. After cutting, they are shaped and finished by hand. We use a pains taking multiple step pre-treatment/sealant method to ensure a durable, long lasting, rust resistant, highly reflective finish. Our Suntwirlers are powder coated in our shop using a hand operated powder coating system to produce a high quality very colorful result. All of the methods employed by us are closely guarded secrets that will not be shared with any mass producer of inferior wind spinners.


We are very proud of our Suntwirlers and consider each one a unique work of art. We Are aware that there are similar products being mass produced by different companies in this country and else where, however these mass produced wind spinners are not the hand made works of art that Suntwirlers are.


We are very selective about the retailers that carry our product, allowing only small reputable resellers to sell them. You will NEVER find a Suntwirler in a Wal-Mart store or any other mass merchandiser.